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Handmade gift for baby feet


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  • First Baby Shoes | handmade gift for baby feet
  • First Baby Shoes | handmade gift for baby feet
  • First Baby Shoes | handmade gift for baby feet
  • First Baby Shoes | handmade gift for baby feet
  • First Baby Shoes | handmade gift for baby feet
  • First Baby Shoes | handmade gift for baby feet
  • First Baby Shoes | handmade gift for baby feet
  • First Baby Shoes | handmade gift for baby feet
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Miss Frugal Mommy blog review

One of the best style of shoes that I have found are ideal for those new walking feet are moccasins. Baby moccasins are stylish, practical, comfortable and kind to developing feet while also offering protection. This autumn First Baby Shoes has launched a new collection of baby moccasins. Using the best quality natural cow leather, they have created stylish, comfortable and practical baby foot ware.

I chose Model Rie for Coralie, as the soft lamb's wool looked perfect for keeping her toes warm in the depths of winter, and I loved the beautiful green of this leather.I couldn't believe how quickly the boots came together, and it was really lovely to have a little project again - my first since I had Coralie. My First Shoes would make such a lovely and unique gift to a new Mama, and are the ideal relaxing crafty task to fill those evenings while you're waiting for baby to arrive.

Na gut, vielleicht übertreibe ich mit diesem Vergleich auch ein wenig und gläubig bin ich auch nicht, aber als ich so im Schweiße meines Angesichts und nach einigen Flüchen, mit meinen zwei Nadeln in der Hand, meine First Baby Shoes zusammengenäht habe, kam mir eben genau dieses Bild in den Sinn. Manchmal ist anscheinend der Weg das Ziel und je beschwerlicher die Reise desto wertvoller das Ergebnis.

Tanken med First Baby Shoes är att man ska sy sitt barn första skor som ett sätt att uttrycka sin kärlek. Eller hur jag nu ska uttrycka det. Ofta sparar man ju sina första skor och genom att kunna berätta för sitt barn att man faktiskt sytt samman dem själv gör ju faktiskt att de blir helt unika och speciella.

Wat dit is? Babyschoentjes. First Baby Shoes. Een mooi concept voor de jonge moeders om de eerste schoentjes als DIY project zelf in elkaar te zetten. We ontvingen – maanden geleden!- in overleg deze schoentjes. Het was hartje winter en we kozen voor de groene bootie met warme vacht. Warm & stylisch.

With all of that being said, I can’t help but LOVE baby shoes. When I saw First Baby Shoes I was instantly saddened that I no longer have a baby who can wear them. I love the idea behind them and the fact that you get to sew the shoes yourself so it is like a labor of love. I am so excited to give these shoes to a friend of mine who is having a baby. I know that she will appreciate being able to create and make her baby’s first pair of shoes.

Baby’s first Christmas calls for baby’s first pair of shoes… and they don’t come much cuter than these DIY numbers. Now don’t be scared off by the thought of making your own pair of shoes for your little one, they are super easy to create and you will feel twice as accomplished when you lace them up...

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