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Who loves berries?

First Baby shoes who loves a berry?
First Baby shoes who loves a berry?
First Baby shoes who loves a berry?
First Baby shoes who loves a berry?
First Baby shoes who loves a berry?


First Baby Shoes products are made in Poland, cool and stylish DIY baby shoe making kits and soft sole baby shoes. At First Baby Shoes we are passionate about baby feet. We believe that soft bone structure of a baby’s foot should be left to grow unrestricted.

How to make a baby shoe for newboarn baby. How to make a baby shoe from shoe making kit. How to make a baby shoe from DIY crafty kit.

Soft and breathable natural leather as well as flexible styrogum sole of First Baby Shoes do not restrict baby‘s foot movement and let the baby feel natural freedom. As parents ourselves, we have carefully selected the materials that are used in our DIY baby shoe making kits and soft sole baby shoes to ensure that our shoes are of the highest quality.

A baby wears rabbit baby shoes for toddlers. A baby girl wears rabbit baby leather shoes. The leather baby shoes for toddlers.

We believe DIY baby shoe making can be a great way to express LOVE. One pair of handmade baby shoes contains time, passion and love of people who decided to sew it. We are sure first steps in FIRST BABY SHOES will be unforgettable and this unique pair will stay with family forever.

How to measure your baby's feet by yourself. Classic baby shoes for toddlers. A baby is sitting on Mom with baby shoes.

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What is difference between natural, synthetic and artificial leather.

What is difference between natural and synthetic leather? Natural leather absorbs water, but synthetic leather doesn't. Baby feet have tendency to ...[read more]

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First Shoes making kit for DIY mom.

Do you imagine creating the first shoes for your baby? That is possible! Our shoe making kits are a great option to give your baby, or a friend or family member’s baby - a cute keepsake gift they will enjoy having a hand in making.

a baby wears hand made baby leather shoes.

Check our colorful range of handmade soft sole baby shoes. Made of natural leather will keep little feet warm and comfy. They are great companions for indoor activities.

Sewing therapy with FIRST BABY SHOES

First Baby shoes sewing therapy

Sewing has lots of therapeutic benefits. It demands from us to focus both physically and mentally on a task. If you’re concentrating on sewing you can’t be worrying about anything. Sewing is calming. It also gives a great feeling of pride in using one’s hands to create something unique. There is something wonderful about pointing to your baby’s shoes and saying: “I did that.”

Special services by FIRST BABY SHOES

First Baby shoes sewing service

FIRST BABY SHOES will make a wonderful baby gift that will be cherished for years to come. You have the option of including a gift message (not to exceed 50 characters) printed on a FIRST BABY SHOES message card. (Check where you can write a message ! ) You may also choose to receive a blank message card, should you wish to hand-write your own note.
For busy or less crafty people, we have a special sewing service. Our staff will be happy to sew a pair of shoes just for you. All this just for 5 Euro.

FIRST BABY SHOES on little feet

First Baby shoes on little feet

FIRST BABY SHOES is a great choice for babies that are not yet walking or just started taking their first steps. Soft leather uppers and thin, but durable soles allow natural barefoot-like movement. Our shoes are comfortable, soft and cute to look.

FIRST BABY SHOES - a perfect baby gift

First Baby shoes is a perfect gift.

FIRST BABY SHOES products make the perfect gift for many occasions, be it a baby shower, 1st Birthday,Christening or Christmas. Our shoe making kits come in a lovely box, which is designed to be a keepsake.

What people say about FIRST BABY SHOES

We know that the best form of advertising is our own customers, so here are just a few of the opinions we have received so far.


This is the perfect baby shower gift or something special to buy yourself, not everuone can say to your kid 20 years later... I made your first pair of shoes!


I really love the quality of the materials in the kit - very soft leather to make the shoes and every supply you need to complete the project with two exceptions(scissors and a ruler with metric measurements).


I was surprised by the quality of both the strong thread, as the beautiful soft leather. Fortunately, you can watch the support movies on the site of FIRST BABY SHOES, If you don't know how to start. Making your own baby shoes is a special, challenging project and it does take some of your time, but it's so meaningful! We enjoyed making our own!


I absolutely loved this project! If you have a little bundle on the way or know someone that does and you're seeking for the perfect present you'll love it too, I promise!

How to measure your baby’s feet?

First Baby shoes size check


Materials come from Europe. We select them carefully.

All materials come from Europe. We select them carefully, so our customers can be sure about safety and quality of our products.

First Baby shoes use real leather.

FIRST BABY SHOES are made in Poland. We closely monitor the whole production process, so we can guarantee the quality of the final product. We love babies and think that they deserve the best. With FIRST BABY SHOES your baby is getting the best of the best.

First Baby shoes uses natural leather

FIRST BABY SHOES are made from the finest soft natural leather. The leather we use is tested and meets European safety standards. We believe natural leather is the best material for shoes, because it is breathable, durable and very flexible.

Share with us your precious moments with First Baby Shoes.


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